I offer the following services, among others:

Training on the basics of working with a computer.
Data management and backup/storage solutions.
Computer system tune-up to improve performance.
Installation of new software, hardware, or networking equipment.
I can even show you how to create a web page and get your site hosted on the World Wide Web.
121PCTraining Officially Launched on Saturday, September 9, 2006.
Brian Rouley
(760) 902-5898
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Ultimately, my goal is to give you the information you need to become a better computer user.  This includes teaching you how to work with the operating system as well as the applications you have installed.  In addition, I can teach you a bit about networking and how to protect yourself from all the evil-doers in the wild out there on the Internet.  Or, I can simply answer whatever questions you already have about how to get things done on your computer.
Call me anytime for an appointment. 
Available evenings and weekends.